Staff House

Want to share a beautiful poem by Marwin Jogenes Serrano that describes my life as a staff. Marwin graduated from UPLB last year and is a volunteer staff with CCC.

Walking down a familiar trail

Right across the corner of the dim light

Weak, tired and very frail

From the day’s work of saving men

From the darkness of eternal night



After the pavement a rocky path

And so my thoughts turned to my heart’s secret doubts

Shall I proceed, shall I wait, is it strategic are things that in my mind bout

And so I conclude that leaders are no more or less human

Than a child begging, thirsting for water in a drought



But one could not afford his hopes be lost

For his leadership matters to the people he’s leading

For this bittersweet reality is a leader’s blessing and curse

He has to hope against hope and for a weary fellow

Be strong even if his strength is fading



And passing along the curve I thought of such loneliness we face

Alone we charge the untamed and chart the uncharted

Realizing our moment by moment plea for grace

Gripping firmly to seeing a grand vision fulfilled

Pleasing only our Great Reward and Shield



And I came to a halt in front of my scarlet gate

Seeking the comforts of my musty bed

Holding in one hand hope in another courage and in my heart a light

Resting in my Father’s song

For tomorrow I go, saving the world one soul at a time.

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One Response to Staff House

  1. Lauren Woodall says:

    This poem is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

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